My train journey

Hello everyone, But if a random one today but thought I would share my train journey to work with you as this morning, it's something truly beautiful. So my journey only lasts 11 minutes and cuts it's way through the White Cliffs to where I work. I bet you are wondering "what on Earth can... Continue Reading →


Create your positive mind set.

A guest post by Elle Goes Global. Let’s talk about positivity and creativity. Some of you may already have heard of Elle Goes Global before whether it be through my last guest post ‘Time to be Strong Elle’ ( or through my constant Christmas spam across Instagram and Twitter (I won’t apologise). But for those of you who don’t... Continue Reading →

Avengers 4: Trailer reaction.

Breath, breath, breath. I won't cry. Not again. So I finally calmed down after nerding out at the drop of the Avengers 4 trailer. I won't lie did not expect it to drop before Xmas, but they dropped a much needed surprise. My first reaction was that of a massive fan girl. I won't lie... Continue Reading →

My true thoughts.

Hello everyone. Recently many of you have noticed that I haven't been posting as much and my focus is elsewhere. So today I want to explain why this is, what I'm thinking and just a general update. Firstly, why am I posting less? The truth is I just don't have time. I've mentioned before that... Continue Reading →

I love podcasting.

Hello everyone. Hope you are doing well and keeping spirits high. Today is all about my new podcast. I'm actually loving making these. Not only that I am so heartened with the response I had received for them. Firstly I started podcasts to help me gain confidence and it's really starting to do that. It... Continue Reading →

All is not lost.

Ever get that feeling of never existing, like you don't matter and nothing you do matters? Ever feel lost among a sea of people and can't find your place within society. Ever want to scream at the top of your voice but fear it will never be heard? Ever want comfort but feel it is... Continue Reading →

Honestly I’m heartened

Hello everyone. I have something positive for you all today. I want to talk about how much happiness I have received in last few days. Firstly my podcast is now officially started. I was so excited to start this, but equally as nervous. Always felt I sounded stupid on audio, so was interested to see... Continue Reading →

The bench.

I sat on the bench over looking the sea. It’s a storm outside but I’m not bothered. The wind swirls around me, creating a vortex for my emotions to explode in manic silence. The wind cancels out my screams and heartache, leaving me screaming with no voice. I feel lost and empowered, compounded and released.... Continue Reading →

Pace yourself

Hello everyone. How are we all today? I am doing amazingly well recently. Just long work days are restricting my progress with the blog. Hence why I'm quiet recently. But, aside from that, life is doing pretty well. I have confidence growing in me, creative I'm back to my best and generally happy. Yes there... Continue Reading →

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