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#neverletlightfade update

Hey everyone. I thought I would give an update to the project I started last year. Incase you missed it, the #neverletightfade hashtag was created to offer help to others. Others who were struggling with mental health bad days. It was meant to be a way for people to ask for help without shouting it out. Everyone that knows me or has connected with me knows I like to help and will always listen. I want to help others, even if it’s saying hello.

Now as for it getting out there, I am glad to say it has been used and people have reached out for help. So for me this is a success. It warms my heart that it’s getting out there. But I still want to see it grow and grow a small network of people helping each other. I want to be able to be there for people who just want to talk.

So with all that said. If you ever feel sad, upset or are struggling all you have to do is message me with the hashtag. My messages are open to anyone. If you see someone in trouble tweet them with the hashtag and I’ll be able to see and help.

You are never alone and never have to suffer in silence. Seeking help or wanting to talk is always the hardest step. Never be afraid.

I love you all.

Have a great day x

check out the original post here:


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Odd Socks with HappilyHavingNoIdeaWhatImDoing

Hello everyone and welcome back to a new episode of Odd Socks. Been awhile hasn’t it. I apologise for that. That pesky thing called life decided to get involved. Anyway it’s back and today is a special welcome back episode. After today every Sunday will be Odd Sock Sunday. Ahh I’m so excited.

This week I am joined by Amber, otherwise known as HappilyHavingNoIdeaWhatImDoing. She is up and coming and will make waves in this community. Happy to have you as a guest. As always here is here description of her and her blog:

Hiya, I’m Amber, I’m an 18 year old blogger from Shropshire, England. I blog about a little bit of everything! Mostly mental health though. My blog is because I am not a professional at anything, I’m just here to have fun and enjoy life! I mainly want to spread love and mental health awareness. I’d like to think of myself as easily approachable.

Thanks Jay for asking me to be a part of this! It’s a really lovely series and you’ve been very welcoming to me!

You are very welcome. Without any delay let’s get into it.

1) Your blog is amazing, what made you start blogging?

Thank you! I started blogging for 2 reasons. I had a lot of spare time and an Instagram account that wasn’t really getting anywhere and I wanted to explain that. But the main reason is that I’ve had a lot of struggles with mental health. Starting this blog and really throwing my all into promoting it on all these platforms has kept me feeling happy and full of purpose. It’s really helped me and I get to share experiences. Win win!

2) What is your favourite song at the moment?

I hate these kinds of questions because my first thought is ‘in what genre?’ But I’d have to say that I really love Nico and the Niners by Twenty One Pilots at the minute.

3) Who would win in a fight, a shark or a lion?

Is the fight on land or water? A shark is definitely the more deadly of the two though. That poor lion. How did he end up in the sea?

4) If you could be one fictional character, who would you be?

There’s a TV show called dance academy. I think I’d like to be a character from that called Kat Karamakov. But that might be because I see myself in her and I’m quite happy as I am.

5) What’s the one thing you would change in the world today?

People thinking about money and religion so much they forget to love people. There’s still so far to go for the women, black people, gays etc. All because a book says it, or because we don’t like difference, or the difference between a big amount of money and a very big amount is more important than the lives of others. Plus Donald Trumps the leader of the free world, suggesting that we are a world of hate. Sorry I got all political there. But honestly please why can’t we all just love one another?

Finally odd socks yes or no?

Yes to the odd socks!

Yes another one for odd socks. Thank you so much Amber. It’s been a pleasure. Check her out at the links below:


Twitter: @hhniwidamber

Until Sunday my friends. Have a great day 🙂 x

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Shuffle Song Tag

So, our Fairy Godmother @ruthinrevolt nominated me for this challenge. I say challenge it’s more an opportunity to listen to my playlist again. So, thank you Ruth.

Basically what this is, is you go to your playlist and shuffle the songs and share the first 10 songs that pop up. Simple. Soooo be ready to find out what songs pop up and if one of my favourites come up. Here we go.

1. “Begin again” by Softspoken.

Ooh this is a good start. Great vocals and quite and upbeat tempo. Head is nodding already.

2. “Spineless” by Anchorlines

Starts of slow this one with a soft melody and muted screaming vocals. Yes this one is heavier but the tune and vocals work so much together.

3. “What it is to Burn” by Finch

I’m hoping some of you know this one. If not then BEST INTRO EVER to any song. Just wow.

4. “Bulletproof Love” By Pierce the Veil

This is about the softest song on my playlist haha but such a great tune to listen to. Enjoy it.

5. “The hills” by Solence

Love this tune. The chorus is quite powerful. Thoroughly recommend this song.

6. “Rebuild, Recreate” by Dream State

One of my favourite bands at the moment. Her vocals are amazing. Love this tune.

7. “Lose Yourself” cover by Serianna

An amazing post hardcore cover of this song.

8. “In desperate need of adventure” by Deaf Havana

This song is off one of their earliest albums and my god it’s still good to this day.

9. “Oceans” by Marry Me Ocean

This for me has an intro that sends shivers down my spine every time. Just mesmerising.

10. “Headfirst for Halos” by My Chemical Romance

Such an upbeat tune with darker lyrics than you expect, but this was early MCR and incredible.

I hope you liked my random selection of music.

I tag:




Look forward to seeing what you guys have.

Until next time.

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Special Announcement

Yes I, the Bearded One, have a very special announcement. Starting very soon I am starting up my own club. Yes a club. This club is to acknowledge everyone who supports my blog. That’s everyone who has retweeted, read,commented and liked my posts throughout the week. It’s my way of giving back to you all.

But, I hear you cry with glee and excitement, what does the club entail. Well each week I will pick 2 people who I feel have helped me and supported the most and they will get a special welcome to the club, here on my blog. Wait, before you stick your nose up, there is more. Also I will be retweeting and supporting those two lucky lucky people on twitter and there posts.

Who’s excited?? Just me? Well I’m giddy as a helium balloon at this. No idea where that some from. Oh the name you ask. Well can, can I get a drumroll…….


So stay tuned for the first inductees very very soon.

Until next time 🙂

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I am so tired.

You know one of the joys of posting daily is I can have days where I can just chat openly and tell you about my week. Its the one word people describe about my blogs. Honesty. I will be honest on here and on days where I haven’t got anything planned I can just write a short post on my day to day life. So let’s do that.

This week I have been absolutely drained. As you all know I am a Barista, one bearded, chirpy and sarcastic coffee making wizard. Or words to a similar affect. Yes it’s not the most stressful of jobs but with the heat early in the week and on your feet all day, working on your own, it takes it out of you on a normal week. Well I say heat I mean sauna like conditions. This week however has been 7 days straight of working, with the previous two weeks being 6 days a week. I am so shattered. I mean imagine a petrol tank on empty and you are running on fumes, just praying you’ll get to your destination. That’s me.

What also hasn’t helped that while writing the poem and story to help me exfoliate some of my emotions, it drained me mentally. I was not prepared for how much it would take out of me. It had the opposite effect. Damn it.

Anyway this week could not be over quick enough. I want my two days off to rest, relax, catch up on blogs (I may be two weeks behind) and write my own. Oh Sunday you better disappear quick.

Until next time.

Have a great day 🙂 x

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Online dating.

Oh yes, this again. Excuse me while I massively sigh. A few days ago I decided to join up on a dating site or two and get myself back out there. It wasn’t a decision I took lightly. My past experiences with dating in last 5 years have been, putting it politely, exceedingly crap. So with a bit of confidence, I made my profile and plastered my mug for everyone to see.

And what’s the results so far?? Absolutely diddly squat. Nothing. I do feel sometimes when I join someone takes my profile and hides it in a dark corner somewhere, sealed inside a shoe box. Now I know it’s early days but positives. I’ve not been called ugly yet which is a vast improvement on last time. I’ve had one person block me for, get this, saying “Hello. How is your day so far?” I didn’t know I was so offensive.

Anyway enough of my mad rantings. I am positive about this. I feel more confident in myself and started dieting. So hopefully the version of me will keep getting better and better. Hey maybe one day I may even slightly like myself. Plus I get to say I am a blogger. Amazing I know.

I will be posting every few weeks updating as this will be part of me now. Until next time.

Have a great day 🙂

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Patchwork heart

As I laid there, staring at the ceiling, all I could picture was her. Like my mind and memories was a projector onto the white canvas above. Every smile, every laugh, every time we spent together, played painfully in front of me. But after each projection, the same question flashed in front of me. In big bold letters filling my vision. Just one word. Why? Why did she go? Why did she end it like this? Why did I deserve to have no explanation to this.

It’s not just my head that is slowly breaking. My heart is in pieces. Like little shards of glass, shattered around me. I want to pick each piece up and glue them together, but each time I reach and grab one, a new wound opens up. Another cut, another scar inside. It’s not the first time I’ve seen my heart like this and I hazard a guess it won’t be the last. It’s been fixed and patched up so many times that I can no longer remember what beauty it held. What love it has to give. Can it ever love again?

The protection that aches me inside is of the last time my eyes laid sight on her. All happy and smiles, not a notion of trouble approaching. I search frantically for clues. Looking for reasons or signs. Nothings. Every time, absolutely nothing.

I keep drawing blanks with no answer insight. The dreaded painful tear rolls down my face. It feels sharp and intense on my skin. But through the cuts and the pain I hear that stops me dead in my tracks. Soft jingle, like wind chimes dancing through the breeze. I looked down on the floor and see what was making the soothing sound. There it was. Through my tears they looked like tiny diamonds. It was the shards of my heart, calling out to me. I felt my face crease as a smile slowly creeps across my face. So soft and so subtle. Still amazing my heart. I bend down and whisper “I’m so sorry my friend. I’ll promise I’ll fix you again. My beautiful patchwork heart.”