A positive day.

As you all know, I started blogging for one reason, recovery. I wanted a way to help deal with two bad events colliding together leaving me a mental mess. This so far has been a success. I won't lie it has helped so much, so have the community that this blog belongs to. This then... Continue Reading →


My reaction to: Making a Murderer

Hello everyone and welcome to something a little different on this blog. Today I finished watching series 1 of the Netflix Original show "Making a Murderer". SPOILER WARNING, glad I got your attention but yes, this is a spoiler warning if you have yet to see it. So the show is based on a guy... Continue Reading →

I don’t get it….

Hello everyone. Just a short one today as I wanted to voice my opinion on a subject that happened in the last week and the fallout has annoyed me a bit. First of all I do not like celebrity culture and how it dominates some newspapers (*cough* Sun). It's not news. How is it ahead... Continue Reading →

What keeps me going?

What keeps me going? It's something I have been asked before and in turn, I ask myself constantly. Some days I'm not even sure what keeps me going. I'm not exactly the most pro active of people and never had the biggest of drives. I'm usually one to back off a project and never see... Continue Reading →

Dating update: October

Where am I, romantically? A question I've asked myself a lot in the last few months and very rarely find an exact answer. Depending on my mood or day of the week, it can be anything from wanting to be alone to needing someone next to me. Not exactly stable for if I do meet... Continue Reading →

I’m back…

"Guess who's back, back again". Yes you beautiful lot, your favourite Bearded blogger is back and stronger than ever. Okay, maybe not physically stronger, but definitely recharged and feeling as positive as ever. So I have some explaining that to do. I know I said originally it was meant to be a weeks break with... Continue Reading →

Odd socks with ButGemmaDarling

Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of your favourite weekly post, Odd Socks. Yes it's Odd Socks, who is excited? My guest is: Aaahhh Im on Odd Socks this is totally amazing!! Thank you so so much for having me! Yes this week I am joined by the beautifully talented @butgemmadarling. It's a pleasure... Continue Reading →

I’m taking a break.

Yes it's a post I hoped I wouldn't be writing but here we are. I need a break. Working full time, blogging and book writing have taken its toll and I've decided to take a small break away from my blog to focus on the book. I've seen my blog drop 60% in viewers. At... Continue Reading →

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