My blog: Moving forward.

Hello guys.

What a great 23 days it has been for me on this beginning of my blogging journey. It’s all been highs and have been happy the whole way through. Had some amazing comments to my favourite posts and really enjoy sharing my song of the day with you.

But what next?

Well firstly I have a name change to the ‘Inner Blogger’ to ‘The Odd Socks’. This was a suggestion from @catisbored and I love it. Gives it that random feel which is what I wanted. I have 4 guests in line and hope to get many more of you involved.

I have more lists lined up for you including my favourite all time comedy shows, Disney Pixar, anime, Pokemon and many many more so keep your eyes out on that.

I have more personal blogs as well. This includes why I choose gaming to distract me, and what my greatest fear is?

I also have themed week starting. One a month every month. July will be geek week. Excited to share that with you.

I have many more as well in place as well as a few projects you need to keep an eye out on. All this and so much more.

Goals going forward?

I just want to keep this blog growing at the rate it is. My next milestone is 200 followers for July. I know realistically it will slow down but got to keep aiming.

Again thank you all so much for reading, liking and commenting on everything I do. Even though I still feel I’m nowhere as good as many others here, but you all keep me motivated with your kindness and positivity.

Have a great day friends πŸ™‚


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