Blog update

So I was scratching my head and thinking of what to write for today. So I thought hey why not show you all what the rest of August has in store for my blog and what to expect. It’s been a crazy journey so far. So much has been done and so much achieved. So let’s get into it.


So what to expect on my blog for this month. Just incredible content. At the moment of writing I have a lyrical madness being written on lyrics by My Chemical Romance. I’m aiming to do more positive posts and more help for others. Also have an exciting monthly series involving @nerdsnatterings. Super excited to get this going. All I am saying is music battle :).

As for other series I am hoping to find time to have a few Odd Socks series again coming. Miss this series a lot. I have an interview lined up with someone I admire and hope to reach out to bands to do features in them. So much to be excited for.


Every day this month I am tweeting out to someone so the community can show their love and appreciation to them and so far response has been amazing. I want to spread so much more kindness around to people. Plus I hope to reach out to more people with the #neverletlightfade. Also loving that the Award I created is starting to find its way around the community.


Just to survive lol. To be honest I have started dating again. Which for me is wanting too and waiting till I grow grey for a message. That’s positivity for you. I just hope to keep improving myself and keeping the demons of anxiety at bay.

What do you guys think? Excited to see what content comes next?

Have a great day πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Blog update

  1. zaralouu says:

    MORE ODD SOCKS YAAAAAAS! Band interviews would be amazing too!!!! I think it all sounds very positive and exciting jay! I look forward to seeing it all!!


  2. Kate says:

    The music battle sounds exciting! And what you’re doing on Twitter is incredibly inspiring 😊 I think I caught a glimpse of it on my Twitter feed here and there, but now I’m looking forward to who’ll be the blogger of the day. Need more blogs to follow, anyway so yay!

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