What inspires me?

As I approach the end of the writing phase of my book I thought I would share with you all my inspirations for some of the stories. Some of these stories have been inspired from the tiniest things as you will see. I also want this post to guide others who aim to write creatively. Never lose hope, inspiration comes from anywhere.

So let’s get into what inspired me.

Maria’s Flow.

One of most recent writings and personally now my favourite. But this all came while in Tescos. Was out getting lunch, earphones in and music blaring. Song at this point was “Radio/Video” by System Of A Down. A brilliant song, but it’s half way through where the song almost gets a nice guitar, Spanish vibe to it. As I listened to the tune, my head starting forming the shape of a dancer. From there it all started snowballing into a tale of beauty and motion. Such an amazing feeling when a story just forms like that.


I spent a few days trying to find a great concept to portray loneliness. It was not easy at all. But just before a long car journey to see family, the idea finally clicked in my head. A picture of an hourglass is all it took. Think it was on a front page of a paper. Anyway, from there the story started forming of isolation and loneliness. The whole idea of the hourglass continuing to tick without interruption.

Early short stories.

Here i am referring to the 5/6 I wrote over a year ago while going through depression. Each story had the inspiration being me. I wanted to write some positive, heart warming stories all inspired by qualities I possess. So themes were love, caring, courage and hope. These all meant so much to me as I could tell a story and relate to it in small detail.

Bridal archway

One of the few I haven’t released to anyone. It’s also technically not finished yet. But the inspiration is intriguing. So to give small detail on the story. It’s set at a wedding. Bride standing at the archway of the aisle ready to walk to her groom. All open air you can imagine the visuals. It’s all about the scenery changing into darkness as she is punished for her lies and manipulative behaviour. So inspiration, back on point, is from reading Take A Break. Yes I read it, beats those celebrity magazines. But the story was just about a bride making it to her wedding. As I read I wondered if I could write something that included something happy, turning sad but with a meaning. And so far it’s looking good.

These are a few examples of my inspirations. Hope you enjoyed. Don’t forget, inspiration is everywhere. All it takes is a little nudge.

Until next time, have a great day.


5 thoughts on “What inspires me?

  1. polley93 says:

    We are pretty similar with inspiration to write. Inspiration surrounds us constantly. I have been told countless times to write my life story but need to be respectful of my sons journey. Which is a huge part of mine. So I write about everything. Are you writing an e-book? I’m 1/2 through a literal novel, planning on completing first draft Nov w/ NaNo. Writings the easy part. The editing? CRIKEY!!
    Great post. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cornish Maid 87 says:

    Love this! It inspires me to have a go at creative writing again. Sometimes we are so busy that we don’t notice the little things around us….need to watch more closely as inspiration could be anywhere!x


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