Create your positive mind set.

A guest post by Elle Goes Global.

Let’s talk about positivity and creativity. Some of you may already have heard of Elle Goes Global before whether it be through my last guest post ‘Time to be Strong Elle’ ( or through my constant Christmas spam across Instagram and Twitter (I won’t apologise). But for those of you who don’t know me – let me introduce myself a little, I’m Elle a twenty something Food, Lifestyle and Travel blogger based in Surrey. I won’t sugar coat it when I say I’ve had a horrific year, one of my most challenging. In the space of two months; my mum got injured, my Grandad died suddenly followed by the shock death of my kitten and then my Grandma was rushed into hospital. I’d like to tell you I’m exaggerating or making this up but sadly I’m not, regardless this guest post for Jay is all about positivity and creativity and how I’ve used them to stay sane through my darkest time, with whole intention being tohelp you channel your creativity and stay positive. 

Whether you are suffering from depression or anxiety or just feeling alone you will be amazed the impact that creativity can have on your positive mind set. In the seven months that I’ve been blogging I have been blown away by the strength of my fellow bloggers, amazed by their creativity and reassured about human kindness. Throughout my dark times it was my creative passions that kept and continue to keep me going. 

Find your passion 

Using your creative passion to improve your positive mind set is an extremely valuable tool, it can lift your mood, reduce your stress and offer much needed distractions. But what is your passion?

There is little point me telling you to go bake a cake or take up painting if you aren’t passionate about it. Take ten minutes to sit down and think about the last creative thing you did and how it made you feel; did you play guitar and find a smile forming on your face? Or finish a painting and find yourself keep going back to admire it? Take these positive feelings associated with creativity and build upon them but do be aware that you have to follow this passion for yourself for it to truly benefit you. 

Don’t get me wrong it’s great writing a poem to cheer your partner up or baking a cake for your friend’s birthday but be very careful you aren’t falling into the trap of being a ‘people pleaser’ and relying on those around you to lift your mood. Trust me don’t do this, the whole point of this exercise is to find a passion that solely benefits you. You need to be able to lift your positive mind set on your own. 

Practise ‘Me Time’ 

Once a week, put your phone on do not disturb, step away from social media and engage with your creative passion. Personally, my two passions are baking and blogging, both are interlinked with my growing ‘Bake like Elle’ category of my blog. 

I’ve always found baking therapeutic and when I am having a difficult time, focussing on baking takes my mind off the negativity and is a much-welcomed distraction. Recently I spent a whole day baking festive themed treats and I was so overjoyed with the outcome that the tiredness all seemed worth it! If you spend time doing things you enjoy, the hours when you are at work go by quicker because you have a project or something to look forward to when you get home. This prevents you getting into a downwards spiral of ‘I never do anything fun’ ‘I’m so bored’ which can quickly take over and be hard to get back out of. 

Setting this time aside as ‘me time’ also ensures that you can pursue this passion and keep it as a hobby that is solely yours to enjoy. Without any distractions, you use this time to focus on you. On making sure you are happy and not worrying about others feelings or emotions. 

Stick with it 

Believe me I know it’s so much easier to crawl up in a ball in bed and cry when you are feeling rubbishy but the best way to create a positive mind set is to do something productive and creative with your time. Most importantly stick with it!! They say it takes 21 days to form a habit so keep returning to your passion and exploring it further, in fact why not learn a new skill that will develop your creative passion further?

I try to challenge myself each month to little projects to push myself further and increase my development because when I feel I am progressing I find it easier to focus on looking back at all the positive achievements I have made rather than overthinking all the arguments or things I should have said or done. Currently my challenge for blogging is to develop my pinterest knowledge and social media scheduling to help my passion grow stronger and, in the future,, I’d like to find photography more enjoyable. For baking, I keep reminding myself I need to get out of my comfort zone and bake something other than brownies – so watch this space! 

What do you do to combine creativity and positive mind set? Let us know in the comments below and take a look at my blog for some tasty recipe ideas and travel inspiration. 


Beardedigor here. Thank you so much to Elle for guest blogging today. Always a pleasure. Check out her links down below and give her a follow.


Twitter: @ellegoesglobal

Until next time 🙂


3 thoughts on “Create your positive mind set.

  1. Elaine @ Changing Laines says:

    Loved this, Elle! Really liked your point about keeping an eye on the “favors” you do for other people. While they might help you and simultaneously please them, it’s necessary to remember that these same gestures can make you appear a people pleaser. The last thing you want is to associate an activity you love with stress because of the demands others put on you.

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