Did you know?…new series, episode 1.

Did you know I’m starting a new series? Can you guess what it’s called? Yes ok guessed it, it’s called “Did you know?”. This is a series where I tell you little bits about me that you may not know. It’s a great way of introducing my hobbies and interest to you guys and my blog. Also gives me a chance to tell you things I think about and care for. It’s fun right? I’m hoping to do these once a week. Some will be themed to one hobby, some will be a random collection of bits. In other words, you have to keep reading to find out.

For episode 1 I thought I would give a random selection of things I like. May as well stay random. So here we go.

Did you know…..I am right handed?

Yeah may as well start with this I am right handed. Don’t know why this is important but it’s one of those things that never gets thought of any more. Doesn’t mean my left hand is useless, it just reverts to a 4 year old when I try to write. Silly left hand.

Did you know….I don’t like raw cheese?

Melted they are absolutely fine. Raw it’s vile, really vile. I know this is odd but know some will relate to this. Just never liked the taste.

Did you know….I wear odd socks?

Okay this one is a little obvious to those that have followed me for quite some time. But yes, I wear odd socks, daily. It’s not through laziness but I really like seeing a difference to both feet. I know I’m odd, but I love it. If you ever catch me with matching socks then be very worried for me.

Did you know….if I here a word to a song I recognise, I can’t help but song the rest?

This is a sad one lol. But how many do the same. Someone says a random word, for example if someone says “question”, I can’t help but reply “tell me what you think about this”. It’s always with the cheesiest songs ever. Do you do the same?

Did you know….I once sprained a ligament in my ankle trying to get food.

Okay this sounds bad. But was having a bad day, finally got home and put dinner on. The timer went off, ran into the kitchen. Instead of going right foot down turning right as I normally do, I went left and rolled my foot. Safe to say family and work colleagues had a laugh at my expense.

So that’s if for episode 1. A little random for today. Next week I will have a whole post dedicated to one subject. Who’s excited?

Until next time lovelies. Have a great day:)


4 thoughts on “Did you know?…new series, episode 1.

  1. tinkablee says:

    Great post! And I cant wait to see to see what you post next for, ‘did you know’. Think this is a great way for your readers to get to know you more😊


  2. Sarah says:

    What a great new series. I have to mostly agree with you on the cheese thing. 99% of the time I want my cheese melty, the only time I can eat it otherwise is if it’s a thin slice in a sandwich or on crackers.


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